Did you make the bold move to Australia, in the last ten or so years, from India? Are you desi through and through, but you’ve embraced the Aussie in you and adopted many of the Australian customs and traditions?

Whether you’re chucking a shrimp on the barbie or enjoying some bhangra, meeting new people who have been through a similar experience to you can be difficult.

Those from back home don’t always understand how packing up your life and moving across the Indian Ocean, often on your own as a teenager, has shaped the person you are today. Then, on the other hand, those ABCD’s (Australian Born Confused Desi’s) don’t quite understand the connection you have to your motherland and the culture and customs you grew up with.

Before you get the call from well-meaning relatives to go home and find a husband or wife, or before your picture is put up on Shaadi.com, try and meet someone in more relaxed circumstances, on your own terms. We know how awkward it can be having to drink chai, eat samosas and determine whether or not you want to marry the person sitting in front of you – all while surrounded by both of your families.

These events are for those who moved to Australia as late-teens, onwards.