Don’t stress. Ready To Mingle is a relaxed way to meet new people.


What is Ready to mingle?

Ready To Mingle originally started as an opportunity to bring together like-minded single Australian Indians in a pressure-free environment. Since then, due to obvious changes in the way in which we have to do things nowadays, Ready To Mingle now offers a more personalised matchmaking service.

What is an ‘Australian Born Confused Desi’ (ABCD)?

Ready To Mingle defines an ABCD as someone who was either born in Australia (or other western country), or someone who may have moved to Australia as a young child. E.g. high school or earlier.

What is an ‘Indian Born Confused Australian’/’New Australian’?

Ready To Mingle has defined an ‘Indian Born Confused Australian’ as those who moved to Australia as  teenagers or later.

How long has Ready To Mingle been around?

Ready To Mingle was founded in 2016.

Are there any success stories?

Yes! As of now, 2 weddings, a baby and plenty of dates (post event). Read some of our testimonials here.

How do the events work?

Depending on the event you choose to attend, the format of the event can vary. However, you will meet all attendees on the night. The event host will help facilitate meetings – you won’t be stranded and left on your own! After the event, once Ready To Mingle have provided you with your matches, it’s then up to attendees to make the next move.

Can I attend on my own?

Yes! You don’t need to bring your friends with you. The event is organised in such a way that you’ll be meeting new people all evening. The event organisers are also friendly and will ensure you are comfortable.

What does the ticket cost include?

Depending on the event type, ticket prices include the entry and participation to the organised event, in a private venue/room and limited canapés. Drinks can be purchased by attendees at the venue.

This sounds fantastic! How do I buy my ticket?

Tickets can be purchased from HERE

Can tickets be purchased at the door?

No, unfortunately tickets cannot be purchased at the door. To check the availability of last minute tickets, please use the contact form below or call/text 0421 935 702.

Tell me more about the matchmaking?

Ready To Mingle firmly believe that you can’t know if you’re a match with someone based on a few photos and some basic information – it really does take meeting someone in person (and at least a couple of times) to know if there’s more there. However, give that we’re time poor and the continuous lockdowns, Ready To Mingle now offer a service where they will try and facilitate meeting someone. When we say matchmake, we mean that we’ll understand your specific criteria and match you with someone who fits that. But we refuse to let you reject someone based on the limited information we provide – you need to meet them. While we might know more about the individuals, we won’t share that information with you – that’s part of the fun of dating – finding out more about each other! If you have a match, we’ll send you a text as a heads up that we’re about to add you to a whatsapp group with your match (which we’ll exit) so you guys can start to get to know each other.

I have more questions, who can I contact?

Complete the form below.