We heard about Hamisha’s speed dating events through friends who’d had a positive experience, as well as advertisements on social media. Hamisha was very warm, receptive and friendly through the whole process, readily answered questions we had, and kept us updated in the lead up to the event. On the evening, her enthusiasm was pretty clear, and it was clear she had put a lot of work into organising everything. Despite initial nerves and awkwardness, the night had a clear and structured format, making it easy to connect with everyone in the room, and we felt comfortable pretty quickly. 

The two of us felt interested in getting to know each other further after our speed dating event. It has been a lovely experience dating, entering a relationship, and getting engaged nearly two years after meeting. We have sent Hamisha updates along our journey and she has always been so positive and excited hearing about our relationship and how far things have come for us. 

When we reflect on how we met, both of us agree that were it not for the Ready to Mingle event, we never would have crossed paths; we live more than one hour from each other, have very different careers, and come from different cultural backgrounds. For anyone thinking about trying something like this, but feeling hesitant, both of us would wholeheartedly recommend it. If you’ve tried online dating and have met people through introductions from family/friends, this is another worthwhile way to form new connections. You will also be supported by a host who is keen to make you feel comfortable and genuinely takes pleasure in helping people find someone. 

We are very grateful to Hamisha for organising events like this, recognising that it must take a lot of planning, coordination, patience, and time away from her other commitments. If you’re wondering whether or not a Ready to Mingle event may be a good idea, your willingness to try something new may well lead to you meeting your life partner, like it did for us 🙂

R & J, July 2017 event (reviewed 2020)

I attended a ready to mingle event in 2017 after seeing an ad on Facebook. I had never been to anything like this before but thought I’d give it a go as I was new to Melbourne and ready to meet that special someone. The events are well structured, casual but also organised. It doesn’t feel like your usual “speed dating”. You will meet a number of different people in a relaxed atmosphere throughout the course of the night whilst having a drink and a few nibbles. I thought the whole experience might have been be a bit weird and intimidating at first but it was actually a really fun relaxed night out. Hamisha and her team put a lot of work into vetting the participants and organising the games so they are fun and easy going. I was fortunate enough to meet my husband at the event I attended in 2017 and we were engaged a little under a year later. I really don’t think we would have met had it not been for this event. If you’re looking to meet some one or even make some new connections I would definitely recommend heading along – after all there is nothing to lose but so much to gain. Thanks Hamisha for allowing me the opportunity to meet my special someone and all the best with these events going forward.

B.P, Ready To Mingle, July 2017 event (reviewed 2020)



Hey guys,

I just wanted to say thank you for organising last night. I was extremely apprehensive and outside my comfort zone (and did consider bailing at the last minute), but the effort which you guys put in was commendable. Well done on organising such a high energy event. It’s not always easy to work with a group of strangers, however, you pulled it together seamlessly. Well done and thank you for having me as part of your event.

Anonymous, Ready To Mingle, 4th Feb 2017

Hi guys,

I attended one of your events last night at Mofo Lounge and had a great time. It was well organised and everyone was really humble and friendly.  Look forward to attending another one soon. Cheers.

Anonymous, Ready To Mingle, 4th Feb 2017

Thanks for hosting such a great event! I know a lot of hard work and effort goes into organising these and you all did a great job of making something which can be awkward, fun and relaxed.

Anonymous, Ready To Mingle, 4th Feb 2017

Hi Team RTM,

Just wanted to say – I enjoyed last night –  well above my expectations. I can’t believe the amount of talking I did last night. Met 11 beautiful individuals – talked from eyebrows to food to traveling.

Accessible venue – nice ice breaking idea  – great MC – ing ( if that is a word ). If I had any single Indian friends left – I would have highly encouraged them  to attend your event. All and all great event.

Anonymous, Ready To Mingle, 4th Feb 2017